Speech: The Green Wave

Vorige maand mocht in spreken bij het #GreenWave event van de European Greens. Het was een prachtige avond, vol inspirerende sprekers uit heel Europa.

Ik stond daar namens de Federation of Young European Greens en GroenLinks.

Speech in het Engels:

Hey everyone,

So yeah, I am a young Green as you might have heard. And I’m a climate activist. And I have gotten the question quite a few times during the campaign already: “Why are there so many young climate activists running for the European Parliament?”.

And I guess it’s because, I don’t know, we grew up watching An Inconvenient Truth in high school. We saw the IPCC and Al Gore win the Nobel peace prize and we saw nothing happening. And my generation isn’t really a generation that takes “no” for an answer, you know. Because if the German government refuses to shut down their coal power plants, we just our bodies in front of the coal diggers that’s what we do. And we will continue fighting for climate justice.

But not only that.

Because we are also the generation that grew up with an economic crisis. And it left us with unpaid internships and bullshit jobs and then we are the generation that sues Deliveroo, because we want proper workers’ rights. Because we won’t accept that they are treating us like shit.

And we are the generation that was lucky enough to have the tools to build international solidarity when it goes about womens’ rights. Because if in one member state there is a lash back against womens’ rights and against abortion. We, in every member state fight, to make sure that everyone will have it.

And worldwide, we stood up, and we said “Metoo”, because we refuse the next generation of girls will suffer the same bullshit that we had.

And we are the generation that is running for office on a young age, because we won’t take no for an answer and we were not listening to the mainstream parties and the old white guys that tell us we have to wait. Because these so-called “old wise men” haven’t been taking care of our future. And we are the future, but we want the power now to change that.

We have to represent the young people that want hope and want a better future and they want to see young people fighting for them. That’s who we are and that’s why we are running for the Greens and we are gonna make sure that all the young people in Europe feel represented by us and that we are going to win these elections.